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Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan



Latitude: 45.5872916666667, Longitude: -85.0338211111111


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 KOPKAU Baby  Nov 1881Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I5100
2 KOPKAU Elizabeth Louise  5 Nov 1875Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I1313
3 KOPKAU Elsie  3 Dec 1904Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I5102
4 KOPKAU Gustoph Adolf  10 Aug 1884Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I1315
5 KOPKAU Helena  26 Sep 1878Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I1285
6 KOPKAU Wilhelm  Jan 1883Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I2086
7 ROSEMEIER Martin Bruce  4 Sep 1906Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I6586


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 KOPKAU Baby  26 Dec 1881Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I5100
2 KOPKAU Wilhelm  13 Oct 1883Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I2086
3 NOVAK Augusta  29 Nov 1918Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I5101


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BARGY Earl Leo  1930Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I6577
2 BARGY Lawrence Gilbert  1930Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I5103
3 KLEINFELT Charles H.  1900Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3614
4 KLEINFELT Charles H.  1910Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3614
5 KLEINFELT Charles H.  1920Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3614
6 KLEINFELT Emma Esther  1900Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3615
7 KLEINFELT Emma Esther  1910Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3615
8 KLEINFELT Emma Esther  1930Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3615
9 KLEINFELT Fred T.  1900Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3616
10 KLEINFELT Fred T.  1910Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3616
11 KLEINFELT Fred T.  1920Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3616
12 KLEINFELT Henry  1900Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3613
13 KLEINFELT Henry  1910Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3613
14 KLEINFELT Henry  1920Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3613
15 KLEINFELT John B.  1910Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3617
16 KLEINFELT John B.  1920Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3617
17 KLEINFELT Ralph R.  1910Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3626
18 KLEINFELT Ralph R.  1920Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3626
19 KLEINFELT Vern L.  1910Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3625
20 KLEINFELT Vern L.  1920Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3625
21 KOPKAU August W.  1900Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3458
22 KOPKAU Augustus Friedrich  1880Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3820
23 KOPKAU Charles Augustus  1880Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I1312
24 KOPKAU Elizabeth  1900Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3474
25 KOPKAU Elizabeth  1910Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3474
26 KOPKAU Elizabeth Louise  1880Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I1313
27 KOPKAU Emma  1880Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3612
28 KOPKAU Frank  1900Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3459
29 KOPKAU Frank  1910Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3459
30 KOPKAU Frederick  1880Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3457
31 KOPKAU Frederick  1900Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3457
32 KOPKAU Frederick  1910Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3457
33 KOPKAU Frederick Wilhelm, Sr  1880Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I1310
34 KOPKAU Helena  1880Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I1285
35 KOPKAU Herman  1880Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3610
36 KOPKAU Herman  1880Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I1311
37 KOPKAU Martha L.  1880Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3611
38 KOPKAU Martha L.  1900Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3611
39 KOPKAU Martha L.  1910Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3611
40 KOPKAU Martha L.  1920Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3611
41 KOPKAU Wilhelmina  1880Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I1303
42 NOVAK Augusta  1910Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I5101
43 ROSEMEIER Helen  1910Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I6585
44 ROSEMEIER Martin Bruce  1910Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I6586
45 STACHEL Gottliebe  1880Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3456
46 STACHEL Gottliebe  1900Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3456
47 STACHEL Gottliebe  1910Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I3456
48 STACHEL Wilhelmina  1880Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan I1309


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 KOPKAU / DAVENPORT  25 Oct 1919Readmond Twp, Emmet, Michigan F1476