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Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana



Latitude: 40.7777786388889, Longitude: -87.1825028055556


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 KUHLMAN Clara  Jul 1894Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I7074
2 KUHLMAN Isabelle  Dec 1895Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I7075
3 OCHS Peter John  24 Oct 1878Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I5376
4 OCHS Philip  Feb 1877Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I5375
5 WAGNER Anna  20 Sep 1879Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4513
6 WAGNER Anna Madaline  6 Nov 1884Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4265
7 WAGNER Elizabeth  2 Mar 1886Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4496
8 WAGNER Emma  3 Mar 1893Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4235
9 WAGNER Fred Bert  6 Mar 1889Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4400
10 WAGNER John, Jr  5 Jun 1874Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4266
11 WAGNER John Peter  30 Jun 1892Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4403
12 WAGNER Joseph  5 Mar 1885Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4406
13 WAGNER Katherine "Kate"  6 Oct 1876Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4486
14 WAGNER Katherine Elizabeth  29 Sep 1880Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4401
15 WAGNER Lucille E.  7 Apr 1895Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4264
16 WAGNER Margaret  22 Jul 1879Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4485
17 WAGNER Mary  11 Aug 1875Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4484
18 WAGNER Mary Marie  10 Mar 1882Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4222
19 WAGNER Pauline Frances  6 Jul 1916Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4435


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 THIEL Margaret  15 Sep 1922Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4405
2 WAGNER Anna  Abt 1880Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4513
3 WAGNER Elizabeth  5 Oct 1892Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4496
4 WAGNER Johann  6 Sep 1928Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4404


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 CRISWELL Olive Maude  1920Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4248
2 JANSSEN Margaret H.  1920Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4244
3 KUHLMAN Clara  1900Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I7074
4 KUHLMAN Isabelle  1900Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I7075
5 LANHAM Letta Neasica  1920Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4269
6 OCHS Catherine M.  1900Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I6741
7 OCHS Emma  1900Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I6757
8 OCHS Jacob  1900Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I6756
9 OCHS Peter  1880Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4553
10 OCHS Peter John  1880Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I5376
11 OCHS Peter John  1900Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I5376
12 OCHS Philip  1880Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I5375
13 THIEL Margaret  1880Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4405
14 THIEL Margaret  1900Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4405
15 THIEL Margaret  1920Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4405
16 WAGNER Anna  1880Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4246
17 WAGNER Anna Madaline  1910Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4265
18 WAGNER Catharina "Katie"  1880Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4554
19 WAGNER Catharina "Katie"  1900Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4554
20 WAGNER Cecelia Mildred  1920Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4487
21 WAGNER Dorothy Marie  1920Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4497
22 WAGNER Emma  1920Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4235
23 WAGNER Fred Bert  1910Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4400
24 WAGNER Fred Bert  1920Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4400
25 WAGNER Fred Bert  1930Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4400
26 WAGNER Jacob  1880Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4225
27 WAGNER Jacob  1910Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4225
28 WAGNER Jacob  1920Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4225
29 WAGNER Johann  1880Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4404
30 WAGNER Johann  1900Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4404
31 WAGNER Johann  1910Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4404
32 WAGNER John, Jr  1880Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4266
33 WAGNER John, Jr  1930Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4266
34 WAGNER John Peter  1920Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4403
35 WAGNER Joseph  1920Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4406
36 WAGNER Joseph  1930Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4406
37 WAGNER Katherine "Kate"  1880Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4486
38 WAGNER Lucille E.  1900Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4264
39 WAGNER Margaret  1880Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4485
40 WAGNER Mary  1880Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4484
41 WAGNER Pauline Frances  1920Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4435
42 WAGNER Phillip Carolus  1880Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4755
43 WAGNER Ralph Glen  1920Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4488
44 ZEHRDEN Katharina  1880Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4226
45 ZEHRDEN Katharina  1910Carpenter Twp, Jasper, Indiana I4226